What The Gold Rush Snap Back Hat Means!

The California San Francisco Gold Rush of 1849 was one of the most inspirational times of American History. It represents a time where many people traversed from all over the world to California in the hopes of striking it rich and to be able to provide for their families. Not everything was sunshine and rainbows for the new miners. The journey to California was full a perils for travelers as they ran into a multitude of issues such as bandits, fatigue and illnesses. The travelers that successfully arrived in California had to cope with high food, equipment and shelter cost, a spread of common illnesses and earlier miners setting boundaries for mining territory against the newer miners that arrived later. The rules established caused friction between many as not all mining locations were considered equal. The days were as hot as they were long and the mining was as hard as it was dangerous resulting in numerous injuries and death daily.


The Gold Rush movement parallels the many different difficulties and challenges you have to overcome to achieve success in today’s world. The California San Francisco Gold Rush of 1849 happened over a century ago but if you think about it, many of the same hazards still exist today. There are people that want to halt your progress. There are times when you will have to cope with everyday aspects of life like food, shelter and illnesses. Not everyone who seeks to be successful can occupy the same space. Essentially there is a competitiveness for the marketplace territory for example, not every musical artist can appear on the top 100 list.


The Gold Rush was the chance of a lifetime. It was when determination and persistence provided great rewards and this is what the URB-Brand Gold Rush snapback hat signifies. Remember to seek your lifetime goals, persevere through the risk and dangers and transform your life. Why wait for tomorrow when you can rush for your riches today.

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