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URB-Brand wants to give a special thanks to its sponsors. I appreciate every person that helps spread the word and message of URB-Brand. The Gold Rush snapback hat is more than just a cap. The Gold Rush of 1849 movement parallels the many different difficulties and challenges you have to overcome to achieve success in today’s world and that is what this cap signifies. To learn more about this cap and click this link. https://urbbrand.com/blogs/news/what-the-gold-rush-snapback-means


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URB-Brand sponsors are pretty dope that come from different backgrounds and make awesome content. Check out our sponsors below:


You may know John Basedow​ from the Fitness Made Simple TV commercials that air nationwide. He created the bestselling http://FitnessMadeSimple.com video series and wrote the book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power to Change Your Body & Life (published by McGraw-Hill). According to Niche.co, h​is cumulative social media reach is over 4​ million followers. John has appeared on Aol, The Huffington Post, USA Today, MSN, Yahoo News, Fox News, Hollywood Life, Examiner and many other major sites. ​So it should be no wonder that a person who motivates and inspire people every day would choose to sponsor the motivational and inspirational Gold Rush snapback by URB-Brand.



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