URB-Brand Origin Story

My name is Alexander and currently I am a tractor-trailer truck driver. I have no real passion for truck driving and in truth, I have no real passion for anything BUT being an entrepreneur. I always had the entrepreneurial spirit that I guess I get from my parents each owning their own businesses. There is a good truth about truck driving in that you have a lot of time to think about things.

URB-Brand came to me while I was driving on the road. I had ideas about create unique caps and when I say unique, I don’t mean in just graphics used for the design. I am talking about caps that could potentially redefine the fashion trend and usher in a new age of clothing accessories in general. I’ve spent several weeks researching to see if someone had remotely come up with the same idea I had and to my surprise no one has.

After weeks of researching and studying, the possibility for creating these unique caps felt more and more possible every single day. The next step in turning a dream into a reality is to create a prototype. I shared my idea with many manufactures and at the moment, the ugly truth had revealed itself to me. Before I can even test my idea to see if my cap would indeed be something people would like; I came across my first obstacle called finances. It would be expensive to create a prototype.

Eventually, I never got around to creating that prototype and thus URB first original idea never materialized but I wasn’t ready to give up on URB just yet. I decided to build a community of people by shifting the focus of URB to building caps that have meaning and purpose thus the idea for the Style7 and the Gold Rush snapback were born. These caps are essentially the core of URB. They don’t represent a sports team or a slogan but an idea that many people can get behind; an idea that can remind people how great they can truly be and to me that is inspirational.

To this day, I still work as a tractor-trailer truck driver while I operate this business. Over the 2 years of growing URB-Brand, I have met some truly amazing people that have helped in establishing the brand. Anyone that follows URB on Facebook or Instagram know that I am an easily approachable guy; that I am willing to answer any question you have and entertain any idea that you present. That is what building a community is all about.

Many of you people that follow URB on our social media accounts are cap enthusiasts. People that live and breathe streetwear and know more about the culture than I do. People that know what they like and know what they want.

Brands represent a message. Nike, Adidas and Reebok is about celebrating accomplished sport athletes. URB-Brand reflects the people that supports the brand. It’s visible on our social media accounts where we showcase our supporters proudly. URB-Brand is about celebrating you.


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