Fitness Guru John Basedow Supports URB

You may know John Basedow​ from the Fitness Made Simple TV commercials that air nationwide. He created the bestselling video series and wrote the book, Fitness Made Simple: The Power to Change Your Body & Life (published by McGraw-Hill). According to, h​is cumulative social media reach is over 4​ million followers. John has appeared on Aol, The Huffington Post, USA Today, MSN, Yahoo News, Fox News, Hollywood Life, Examiner and many other major sites. ​So it should be no wonder that a person who motivates and inspire people every day would choose to sport the motivational and inspirational Gold Rush snapback by URB-Brand.

On John Basedow’s YouTube channel named uh… John Basedow… the 1st show I noticed is Fit Now with Basedow. John stays true to his workout and fitness roots by creating videos that give motivational, dietary and exercise tips to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The show also has a catchy intro jingle that is reminiscent of the popular Fitness Made Simple theme song…huge nostalgic factor here.

The other show that John Basedow runs on his YouTube is called New Media Stew. John typically host the show Culture POP under the brand of New Media Stew with various co-host, one of which is Shannon Truax. Culture POP is a comedy entertainment news show where John takes to the streets to find out what people really think of the hottest celebrity and pop culture stories. New Media Stew also features a movie review show where John and his co-host give their opinions on the latest theatrical releases. The secret to New Media Stew’s success is that John embraces a positive yet salty persona that responds to people’s statements with witty comments and remarks. You never know what you’ll get when watching these hilarious videos.

You can also see John styling and profiling on Vine, sporting dark shades, where he does short motivational video segments called Wake-Up Words. On Wake-Up Words, John gives his audience fitness tips, inspirational quotes and a little positivity along with a dash of comedy and a DGAF attitude for the haters. These videos regularly appear on Vine’s Popular Page each day and the most popular ones have anywhere between 500K-1M+ views.

Surprisingly, John has appeared on the urban dictionary website. If you simply type in John Basedow in the search bar, this description displays:

A fitness guru whom pioneered the "Fitness Made Simple" plan, for simple people. He is seen in many infomercials promoting this plan which involves weight lifting at a heart-pumping, cardio pace without "tricky dance moves" or "high impact gyrations." He never aged past 23. He is also insanely ripped, and could kick Chuck Norris's ass. 
He was rumored to have been killed in a tsunami while vacationing in Thailand, which was false. Not only was Basedow not in Thailand at the time, he could not have been killed by a tsunami.
Human 1: "Hey did you see John Basedow in that lady's fridge?" 
Human 2: "Yeah, he had to eliminate the simple carbohydrates and trans fatty acids from her diet because she is fat." 
Chuck Norris: "John Basedow could kick my ass."

Currently, John is living a more peacefully lifestyle. When John isn’t splitting tsunamis with his abs or walking on water, you might find him in the streets filming a new season of Culture Pop. So check out the fitness model that found the fountain of youth and hasn’t aged a day since 2003. In the words of John Basedow, remember to “Do what you love to do because fear and doubt suck and never achieve anything bitch.” Ok, I might have thrown that last word in there but you get the message…I hope.

And with all of his accomplishments, John is now a supporter of URB-Brand. YES!! Thanks to John, URB will be offering a 20% discount + FREE SHIPPING promo code for the Gold Rush snapback you can use during checkout. The Discount promo code is:

GOLDURB (All one word; you don’t need to capitalize)

Enjoy your discount and enjoy your Gold Rush snapback. If you want to learn more about the purpose behind the Gold Rush snapback cap, then click this link here.

If you want to find out what John Basedow is up to and to seek positivity and inspiration; follow John on his many social media accounts. Check his links below.


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