URB in Secret Vault

URB has a remarkably fast growing Instagram account where I post pictures of my snapbacks and the very awesome people that show their support for URB-Brand. Through Instagram I have met a handful of interesting people that are traditional artist, digital artist, rappers, manufactures, fans and other entrepreneurs interested in my products and collaborations and one of those entrepreneurs is Dennis from a local art gallery turned boutique called the Secret Vault.

I received an email from Secret Vault explaining to me that they had an interest in selling my products in their new boutique so I decided to take off my week old underwear, throw on some Spiderman spandex, hop in the whip and take a drive down to Arlington Heights to meet the dope crew at Secret Vault. 

As soon as you step inside of Paper Crown Gallery (soon to be Secret Vault) you are greeted not by people but by all this amazing art hanging on the walls. I might have been greeted by some people but I was too distracted passing out because after being astonished with all the paintings, I forgot to breathe. I can't truly recall how I was resuscitated but I believe it was by slap to the face. I jumped straight from the floor into introductions and next a tour of Secret Vault as Dennis explains his plan for creating a boutique for his massive store. Dennis idea is dubbed “Battle of the Brands” as my brand URB among others will also be placed in his boutique. The brands that do the best in sales will move on to the next quarter while the underperforming brands have to, at the very least, skip a quarter. Bottom line, this is a Fashion Tournament and I am Spartacus, bringer of rain. I must slay other brands to become champion of Capua and to accomplish this, I need everyone to help me out.

URB will be presenting 2 snapbacks at the Secret Vault Boutique in Arlington Heights. The first cap is the Classic black flagship snapback with the silver URB embroidered logo and smooth leather brim. The second cap is the Gold and White Gold Rush snapback influenced by the California San Francisco gold rush movement of 1849. Customers who also purchase any of URB-Brand products at the Secret Vault boutique will win a 25 percent coupon to be used during checkout at urbbrand.com. A 25 percent discount not for a single item but for the entire online purchase plus you also win free shipping. These coupons will be awarded with each and every purchase of an URB-Brand product at the Secret Vault boutique.

So if you are in the Chicago area, take a stroll down to Arlington Heights and hit up the Secret Vault. They are opening their boutique in a few days on June 25th from noon to 7pm. Check out the amazing art and our products. You can check out URB-Brand and Secret Vault social media accounts, websites and address below.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/urbbrand

Twitter: www.twitter.com/urbbrand

Facebook: www.facebook.com/urbbrand

Secret Vault Facebook: www.facebook.com/secretvaultgallery

Secret Vault Website: www.secretvaultllc.com/

1518 E. Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL


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